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Fall/Winter Basketball FAQs

Q. When does the season begin?

A. Basketball is a Late Fall/Winter Program, run indoors, at local school gyms.

Q: Who can I contact for information?

A: Grades K - 2 / Coed Clinic - Nick @ 631-585-7723

    Girls Grades 3 thru 8 – Brittney @ 631-445-9099 or email:

    Boys Grades 3-12 -  Vinnie @ 631-521-5544  

    All Travel Programs, Boys and Girls, Grades 4 and up – Vinnie @ 631-521-5544

Q: When / where are practices and games?

A: All practices and games for grades 3 thru 12 are weeknights in local school gyms, based on availability, normally in the 6-9pm time frame. Clinic practices/games are on weekends at St. Joe’s Church gym.

Q: How do I register?

A: Online, thru the mail, or at in-person event. We advertise in Our Place, St Joseph’s Church Bulletin, PennySaver, as well as distribute forms thru Religious Ed at St. Joe’s and local elementary schools. You can find us on FaceBook and online

Q: What equipment do I need? 

A: We supply a shirt for all athletes. Sneakers are a must. Basketball shorts are recommended. Players should have a ball for practice. Coaches will supply the ‘game ‘ ball.

Q: Can spectators come to the games?

A: Yes, but remember gym seating/space is often limited. Anyone attending must be mindful of others; obeying parking rules, and all CYO and school rules; such as staying in the gym during the game/s and NOT bringing food or drinks into the gym.

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