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Fall 2023 Soccer FAQs

Q. What if I am interested in coaching or assisting?

A. We are always looking for coaches, assistance, and volunteers in all of our

sports. Please email Joe at or contact 585-0748


Q. When does the season start?

A. The Fall 2023 Soccer season will start on September 24th.The first game of the

season is typically an exhibition game played along with another team so coaches can begin to understand player strength and needs and our athletes can get acclimated to the field and rules. Coaches may hold practice in our Micro, Middle, and Upper divisions prior to that date.

Q. When does the season end?

A. Our Fall season ends on Nov. 12th (at this time) with an in-house tournament.

Q. Can I still register?

A. Please refer to the site to see which divisions are still open.

Q. How do I register?

A. If you wish to register online, please select the appropriate age group for your child. Please note that we are required to charge a small additional fee for online registrations to cover our transaction costs. If you have a registration form - please immediately send it in to the PO Box at the bottom of the form. If you do not have one, please download a form from this site and mail it in - see the home page. Forms can also be found in the Pennysaver, and the Connetquot virtual backpack.

For Online Registrations - click Here.

To Download our mail-in registration form - click Here


Q. Will there be practices for my child?

A. All Micro, Middle, and Upper division teams (ages 5 and above) will practice

approximately once each week at a time determined by the coach. Coaches try to work out scheduled practices that coincide with times that parents and athletes can attend. Clinic teams (ages 3 and 4) do not practice separately and only play on Sunday mornings.

Q. When are games scheduled?

A. All games (and Clinic practices) are held on Sunday mornings between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Athletes will be scheduled for a one-hour time period during these times. A schedule will be distributed to each parent and athlete during the first official game of the season.

Q. Where do we play?

A. All games are held at Ronkonkoma Middle School on Peconic Street in Ronkonkoma. Practices are held at Ronkonkoma Middle School and can also be held at Cherokee School in Ronkonkoma. 

Q. I registered, when will I hear from the league or a coach?

A. Rosters are being distributed and coaches will begin making calls the week of Sept. 11th. If you have not received a call and you have just registered, please be patient. At certain times of the year prior to season start, we are required to wait until we have a number of members on a team before we create a new team, so there may be a delay in reaching out to parents by a coach until a team is created. However, if this is the case, parents will receive a recorded message or an email from the league with updated information stating that the child is registered and providing uniform and schedule information.

Q. Is there a fundraising requirement?

A. As a result of the pandemic, we are not requiring our registrants to do league fundraising at this time. 


Q. Where do I get a soccer uniform, how much does it cost and what does it

consist of?

A. Uniform sales will be held on Saturday, Sept. 23rd from 10 am to 12 pm at Ronkonkoma Middle School in the rear of the school by the football bleachers. We will also hold additional sales on Sunday, Sept. 24th from 9:15 to 11:30 at Ronkonkoma Middle School. All athletes must wear uniforms. Uniforms are $40 and can be paid for with cash or check; we do not accept credit cards on the field. Please note that sales end promptly at the above listed times.


Q. What equipment will my child need, other than a soccer uniform?

A. Each athlete in our program must wear a St. Joseph's CYO official uniform during all scheduled games (see above). In addition to this uniform, athletes in all divisions must wear shin guards during practice and scheduled games. Also, athletes in all divisions above our Clinic 3 and 4 year-old division must wear soccer cleats. Athletes should also have a soccer ball for practice.

Q. What size soccer ball will my child need?

A. For our Clinic 3 and 4 year-old division, a #3 soccer ball is required. For our

Micro and Middle divisions (5-9 year-olds), a #4 ball is required. For our Upper

Division (10-13 year-olds), a #5 ball is required.

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